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Company Policies

Alcohol and Drug Policy  : It is termination offence for any employee of OISL to be under the influence of alcohol or in possession or under the influence of any non-prescribed drug such as cocaine, Marijuana etc or any other illegal or controlled substance, while working or residing on any job site, including all waterborne operations, or property under the control of OISL. This rule applies to all locations and operations.


Smoking Policy : Smoking is not only injurious to health but also a potential safety hazard. Smoking in public places exposes nonsmokers to health hazards and it is the duty of OISL to protect employees from unnecessary exposure to hazard. The smoking of cigarette is prohibited in any location. This ban include all work stations, rooms, corridors, clients offices and public areas and shared offices, unless agreed between all occupants of such office or location.


Personal Health and Safety Standards : The company holds to high esteem the personal health/ hygiene. Every staff is expected to keep a high level of Hygiene. Health is wealth they say. A healthy staff will give you optimum production.The safety of work station and individuals at work or within the work environment is very important to us at Ojemath. It is expected that while at work every staff should exercise every duty of care required in any type of work been executed.


Community Affairs : Community affairs is also a vital part of our objective ensuring the local demand are taken into consideration and met by the quickest possible means to work in a friendly community. Our activities are planned and executed in such a manner as to prevent injury or loss of life of our employees, community members and the general public.


Quality Assurance : Our output quality is one of our strengths. We ensure that we give quality. As such, it is a sanctionable offence in OISL to conclude a job that lacks the quality that Ojemath stands for.

Ojemath has established communication process that ensures accurate, timely and effective response to the identified needs of our customers.

It is in our tradition to deliver on contract specifications and regulatory requirements.

In Ojemath, we continually place importance on the identification and mitigation of errors with high emphasis on prevention, thus achieving high quality output to the satisfaction of our clients.


Environmental protection Policy : As a company, we believe in keeping it green. Our environment is very important. Every staff ensures that his activity does not affect the environment negatively.


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